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At Interiors of Art, it's our passion to help you create a space that you're not only proud of, but a place where you want to invite your friends and family over, to enjoy, relax, and socialise. We understand that good interiors is about ease and function. Our interaction with the space around us has a direct effect on our emotional mood and how at ease we feel in the space.

We aim to help you get intentional with your decorating projects, by helping you create a unique space that's just right for you. Whether it be wallpapers, murals or soft furnishings, we're here to help you get focused on what your vision is for your space, what your needs are, and how we can help you set the right atmosphere in your home.

 Our Story 

Pattern, texture and colour has been a life long passion of mine. I was lucky enough to learn the 'the old way' to print wallpapers! As most wallpapers are digitally printed nowadays. I had the creative pleasure in learning to design wallpaper patterns by hand, and screenprint them onto either wallpaper or textiles.

Working for over ten years in the interior decorating industry in both London and Gold coast. I've enjoyed placing value on my clients by helping them redesign their homes, offices, and other commercial spaces to meet the practicalities of daily life. Interiors of Art was born out of my desire to to help people create a welcoming heart centre space, that brings people together.

Monique Samitis -Interior Decorator & Founder of Interiors of Art

Let's Decorate!

Choosing the right wallpaper or mural can be a daunting task for most people, there are so many unanswered questions when you're left to go it alone online. That's why at Interiors of Art we aim to build a mini online community where we post one video a week on our YouTube channel, to make life slightly easier when it comes to choosing what's right for you! Are you wondering how to measure your wall? Or what rug size will suit your space? Follow us on our YouTube for free weekly interior decorating videos.